Some Link-spiration #12


I wanna be where you are oh oh. Anywhere you are oh oooh! Cue the Michael Jackson. That song has been playing in my mind all day! It’s a feel good song and it’s a feel good day so I thought I’d share some linkspiration from across the web.

  1. How to make better use of those credit cards. Hello reward points.
  2. I love crab and I would love to try this recipe from chef Marcus Samuelson.
  3. Never before seen pics of Marilyn Monroe…but I’m sure I’ve seen them before!
  4. Oh how the world has changed. New services we can’t live without!
  5. Tyra Banks on the future of beauty. What do you think?
Life is either a great adventure or nothing. Helen Keller

Till next time Love & Light ea065-lips-clip-art-16


Some Link-spiration #10


Summer is winding down. But I  am loving it at the moment. Summer is perhaps my favorite season. It’s easy,  it’s breezy, there are no worries. Gotta love summer. I hope you enjoy this weeks links:


  1. I’m a fan of Annie Leibovitz, are you? She has a new book for Taschen coming out.
  2. I think I will actually have more picnics this summer. I can especially use the wine chiller.
  3. Yes the wine chiller will come in handy for rosés  these. The Copain sounds like a winner.
  4. This makes me want to binge watch the first season of Fargo again…. and I will.
  5. Paycheck to paycheck is a term I hate! Here’s how to NOT live that way.


ea065-lips-clip-art-16As always have a fab day!