Movies I can’t wait to see!

There are some really great movies coming out. We are heading into fall where those dramatic contenders come out. I love movie trailers and I usually go and see a film based on the trailer and not so much the actor’s starring in the film. There are quite a few good ones out right now. So here are the one’s I’ve put on my must watch list.

Riot Club — I love class stories, the look at the haves and have nots never gets old.

The Theory of Everything — Looks so romantic!

Samba — Another romantic one

Rose Water — Intense



Things that made me go umm, umm, good….

Happy Friday All,

There was soooo much to love this week. I had a hard time narrowing it down.  But I did keep my goal of staying in gratitude for the most part 😉

  1. This had definitely, definitely been the highlight of my week. I am binging on this tonight soooo looking forward to it.
  2. I’ve been loving these, such a great idea. Any actor would kill to peek behind the scenes.
  3. Just in case you haven’t seen this. Dreams still come true!
  4. The epitome of hard work. I love this woman. I want to work as much and as hard her and play just as hard! Gotta love a good work ethic!
  5. I love Indie films because of the high risk nature. It cost nothing to make so you got nothing to lose.  This bunch looks real exciting


I’ll be spending my weekend with # 1 on replay what will you be doing!!!