A Glimpse At My Summer

tumblr_lxk1ixwYYo1r9iv4so1_500This has been one of my better summers. Let me first begin by saying I love rituals. I love me a good old ritual, so this Summer I started a new ritual….A Summer Intention List. Well it was a good idea at the start of summer but not much of it actually survived.   So that ritual probably won’t make it next year.  But on to what I really enjoyed this summer:

 The movies 22 Jump Street, Lucy, Dawn of The Planet of the Apes

The return of the TV show Suits

Auditioning for The New Girl — Yeah!

Meeting 3 new Casting directors

Working on the play Women of Manhattan

Going to Daily Love Live!

Re-reading A Return To Love

Reading the book E-Squared and doing the worksheets. So much fun!

Started working with a manager, lets see how this goes

Performing in a staged reading of Joyce Carole Oats’ I Stand Before You Naked

Getting back into my morning run regime

What made your summer this year. I’d love to know


At The Movies — 22 Jump Street

I’m not one to see the goofy young adult movies. But in an effort to change, get out of my comfort zone and light the hell up, I went and saw 22 Jump Street.  Let me repeat again this is not the kind of movie I watch. Not at all! And I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I had fun, I laughed out loud, yes right along with the teenagers and I felt no shame. I really enjoyed.


I’ve long since been a fan of Jonah Hill even though I haven’t seen his lighter work. But I respect as artist, a young man, and business man. He seems very ground yet fun. So he was the main reason I went to see the film. But I must say I enjoyed Channing Tatum as well. These guys had great chemistry, and they were funny. I love how Jonah has no problem making fun at himself and being the joke. And I love how Channing accepted the “dumb jock” role. These guys have really embraced their casting and have building a good solid career from it.

So if you haven’t seen it, give it a go. You’ll have a good time.