Fall Reading — The Joy of Storytelling, Let it Sooth Your Soul


My reading schedule has picked up a bit. But I find myself being drawn to darker stories. Historic stories. Stories of meaning and purpose. Stories that have a gravity a pull of some sort. Earlier this year I thought I’d take on the Yale literature program and do their required reading schedule just for fun. It seemed like such a fantastical kind of dream but one that has remained unfulfilled with my acting career, work schedule and acting class needs. For me time became evermore elusive. But I must say I have read more than I thought I would. My goal outside of the Yale project was to read 30 books. So far I’ve read 25 books of the 30, not bad. Here is my fall reading list. I just love fall. I have a feeling it’s going to be dark:

* Carthage — Joyce Carol Oats
* Natchez Burning – Greg Iles
* The Invention of Wings – Sue Monk Kidd
* The Call of The Wild – Jack London
* White Fang – Jack London
* Of Human Bondage – W. Somerset Maugham
* The Goldfinch – Donna Tart
* One Hundred Years of Solitude – Gabriel García Márquez

It was very hard for me to compile this list and I am a bit ambitious since Fall starts on September 22 and ends December 20th. That is 8 books in 13 weeks while rehearsing and opening in a play, auditioning, acting class, and day job. I think I can I do it. We shall see. Do you have any suggestions for my wild card?


{Image Credit: Smithsonian Institute}


Some Link-spiration #10


Summer is winding down. But I  am loving it at the moment. Summer is perhaps my favorite season. It’s easy,  it’s breezy, there are no worries. Gotta love summer. I hope you enjoy this weeks links:


  1. I’m a fan of Annie Leibovitz, are you? She has a new book for Taschen coming out.
  2. I think I will actually have more picnics this summer. I can especially use the wine chiller.
  3. Yes the wine chiller will come in handy for rosés  these. The Copain sounds like a winner.
  4. This makes me want to binge watch the first season of Fargo again…. and I will.
  5. Paycheck to paycheck is a term I hate! Here’s how to NOT live that way.


ea065-lips-clip-art-16As always have a fab day!