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Here is another addition of Etsy Love! I found some great products on Etsy and I just have to shout them out

  1. I need more lighting in my place. I don’t know why rental apartments in L.A choose the worst lighting possible. Thank God for Boots N Gus. Since I’m moving in November I be purchasing one of their chandeliers. I just love the use of the mason jars.
  2. I adore these custom map wine stoppers from TheBluePrint. Wouldn’t it be cool for a dinner party to use the stopper of the region the wine is from. So cute!
  3. I love finding ways to add more glam to my home and these chalkboard frames from TheArtOfFinerThings are an amazing idea.  It’s hard to choose but I think I’m getting this one.
  4. I love popcorn so this gourmet popcorn kit by dellcovespices has me dying. Check out their other spices as well.
  5. The jewelry line Pink Twig is wonderful. Simple cool, chic. My fav is this shark tooth necklace. PicMonkey Collage


Love & Light,


Some Link-spiration #12


I wanna be where you are oh oh. Anywhere you are oh oooh! Cue the Michael Jackson. That song has been playing in my mind all day! It’s a feel good song and it’s a feel good day so I thought I’d share some linkspiration from across the web.

  1. How to make better use of those credit cards. Hello reward points.
  2. I love crab and I would love to try this recipe from chef Marcus Samuelson.
  3. Never before seen pics of Marilyn Monroe…but I’m sure I’ve seen them before!
  4. Oh how the world has changed. New services we can’t live without!
  5. Tyra Banks on the future of beauty. What do you think?
Life is either a great adventure or nothing. Helen Keller

Till next time Love & Light ea065-lips-clip-art-16

Some Link-spiration #11


Here’s a little link love for you this week.

  1. It’s a great time to start a side gig. Who doesn’t want extra income. Check these out.
  2. When you make that extra moola you might want to reconsider who you hang out with. Friends with no money!
  3. I love all things Vanilla. But where does it come from? Here’s a break down of the best.
  4. The perfect biscuits to go with my tea.
  5. This is the Martin Luther King movie I want to see.  And I really want to work with this direct.

Etsy Love

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I am a big crafter! Though I actually dislike that term. I prefer artist, creator. I appreciate the handmade. No I love handmade products.  So for the longest time I’ve wanted to start a new series which features my best Etsy finds. There is so much great talent on Etsy and as an artist I want to bless and promote the art of others as much as possible.  So here’s a look at my first round of Etsy Love.


  1. I love the jewelry made my Jessica. She has great pieces and is such a lover of what she does. These are my favorite rings but her drusy quartz rings are a close second.
  2. I Love this husband and wife team behind Pegandawl. The old weathered look of the bag really works for me. This is great hand work!
  3. I’m a fan of personalized jewelry and WhirlyBirdDesigns does a fab job with this. I especially like this pendant
  4. This company DolceAve has some very cool eclectic pieces. Bright colours but a firm aesthetic if you know what I mean.
  5. Sorry but I have to mentions Iris’ shop too BlueTwinSpur Also very cook druzy pieces if you love druzy check out her stuff.

Ta ta for now.

Some Link-spiration #9


Happy Monday! I have come across some cool gems across the web. Here’s a look at what was fascinating to me this week!

  1. I have a thing about trains. I absolutely love them, and if I could I would ride in the luxury babies straight away.
  2. There is no harm in working from the bottom up. These women seemed to do it brilliantly.
  3. I don’t need a reason for a tea break. Neither does Sir Richard Branson.
  4. I love to garden and I never thought of growing peonies. Look at the different varieties. Love it.
  5. Advice from Tony award winners & nominees.




ea065-lips-clip-art-16Have a fab weekend!


Things that make me go hmmm #8



It has been a long time since I’ve done one of these posts. Mostly because I’ve been quite a busy little bee. But here is a few links I found that made me say hmmm:

  1. What’s not to love about Beyonce. I love the pics she shared of her family, beautiful
  2. How the resilient bounce back. As an actor I can definitely use this!
  3. I was always curious about how Olympic winners earned their millions.
  4. Reminds me of home. Never been to The Bahamas then these will do for now.
  5. I can’t wait to try this water filter.  Have you heard of this?


ea065-lips-clip-art-16 Have a good weekend Loves!


Some Link-spiration #10


Summer is winding down. But I  am loving it at the moment. Summer is perhaps my favorite season. It’s easy,  it’s breezy, there are no worries. Gotta love summer. I hope you enjoy this weeks links:


  1. I’m a fan of Annie Leibovitz, are you? She has a new book for Taschen coming out.
  2. I think I will actually have more picnics this summer. I can especially use the wine chiller.
  3. Yes the wine chiller will come in handy for rosés  these. The Copain sounds like a winner.
  4. This makes me want to binge watch the first season of Fargo again…. and I will.
  5. Paycheck to paycheck is a term I hate! Here’s how to NOT live that way.


ea065-lips-clip-art-16As always have a fab day!