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I am on cloud nine. I must say this is definitely a summer highlight. This summer is turning out to be the best one yet! I was lucky enough to see the talented & sexy Blair Underwood in Shakespeare’s Othello at the Old Globe theater in Sand Diego. Was the 2 hour drive worth it. Hell yes!  No words. No words. I loved it!  I went with two of friends and because the production had been selling out we had separate seats yet we all had the same reaction. We all loved Iago played by Richard Thomas.  He was evil, he was a sociopath, yet he had charm and that’s what made this performance work for me. You knew he was bad to the bone, no remorse. Yet his charm took the edge of, so I didn’t hate him, what Iago did yes, but I was thrilled by it, intrigued even.

Also performance to note the Amelia played by Angela Reid. My god her last scene, the one between her and Othello. The woman was on fire. She killed it. Passion, passion, passion. But for her entire performance was noteworthy. She had a point of view at all times. I knew how she felt about Iago, I knew how she felt about his feelings for her. I knew how she felt about Desdemona. She was great. I loved her.

And then there was Othello. Yes Blair Underwood. Dreadlocks, white shirt (unbuttoned), accent, sword. Need I say more, and I haven’t even gotten to his acting. First of all his voice, the entire cast actually, such strong voices. He had so much swagger, his energy he commanded the stage yet he was never out of breath. His Othello was sexy, powerful, confident. Did I believe he loved Desdemona oh yes. Did I believe he felt betrayed, abused, made a fool of. Yes I believed him through and through. From the moment we first encounter Othello he enters the room. He commands the stage and you know he knows he is “the king”.  One of my favorite scenes was between he and Desdemona as he is asking her for the handkerchief. He went from tender, to seductive to angry, to menacing, it was such a great moment. And then of course for me his climax when he kills Desdemona and then the moment he realizes what has happened. I loved that moment as well.

But what a testament to Shakespeare’s writing.  This was my first experience of Othello in it’s entirety. I had seen scenes from it in class and had watched bits of the great Maggie Smith’s performance, but i had not actually seen the full play.  So I am grateful that this was my first experience with it because it was indeed a thrilling one.  You won’t be able to see this performance but if you have a chance to go to the Old Globe do so it is such a gorgeous venue.



Things that make you go hmmm #7

My goodness! It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks. I thought I’d lighten up by posting something fun 🙂  As anyone else felt all this weirdness, I mean I’ve gone through some heavy emoting the past few weeks and I am certainly ready for more fun. There’s a lot of change afoot. A great show running and agent meetings. I am praying the spring brings me all that I want. Enjoy

  1. Cute animal pics get me every time!
  2. Another reason to love Bill Gates. A world with no poverty, ambitious.
  3. Ever wonder how to spot a deal at Costco. Look at this.
  4. Now that’s what I call recycling.
  5. I can’t help it, I love Panda’s

  Have a fab weekendea065-lips-clip-art-16

Things that made me go umm, umm good!

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After being away from home for almost three weeks. I am glad to be back. I traveled back to The Bahamas where I’m from to take care of business so to speak. I took lots of pics and I have fabulous post coming up for you. Cant wait to share. xoxo

  1. Did you guys see this. I’m now a bit embarrassed for my generation.
  2. Was taken back by the title but the controversy over motherhood is always stimulating.
  3. I’m the only one of my friends who enjoys doing taxes, I’m weird. Make sure you use this to lower your bill.
  4. I loved looking at these celebrities when they were younger. Clint Eastwood is hot!
  5. Everyone knows I love dogs so these pups killed me!

Have a fab weekend,

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Things that made me go umm, umm good!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was a bit disastrous as I am travelling to renew my visa and everything that can go wrong….is going wrong. But despite that I had many tremendous reasons for gratitude. I get to live and work in America doing work I love, I have a wonderful mother, I am healthy, strong. There is so much to be thankful for I can go on for a lifetime.  Here is  a look at what I’m loving this week:

  1. After watching this, there was no way I could complain about my little visa problems. #gratitude
  2. I’m not the biggest Jennifer Lawrence fan but I do love her point of view on body image.
  3. I’m sure after yesterdays feast we all need to get back to our healthy habits. I’m going to try these.
  4. A girl can dream can’t she! What a diamond to that I would say yes.
  5. We all have setbacks, things go haywire. How do you handle it?

Happy Black Friday

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My Personal Al Pacino Fest


I am having an affair with Al Pacino. There I’ve said it, I’ve never been one to be wanton and cheap but I’ve been spending my Friday nights with Al. sometime two three movies a night. I know its wrong, I know I shouldn’t but i just can’t help myself…..

Actually we have a movie list in my acting class and I’ve completed the first movie list it took my about 2 years and now I’m on the second movie list. One of the items on said is list is all the Al Pacino movies. That’s right ALL. So I figure I’d tackle all the Al’s first as this is a list in itself. I was supposed to only watch one Al movie a week, but then it become four, I don’t know how that happened???

I find myself not wanting to go out, and trying to end my rehearsals early so that I can make a quick stop to the library and pick up an Al film. I even lied to one of my scene partners and told them I had an audition the next day so I have to cancel rehearsal. But I didn’t, I just wanted to watch Carlito’s Way!

I know  this is bad. I have to cut back.  But here’s what I’ve seen so far.

Looking For Richard

Any Given Sunday

Dick Tracy


The Devil’s Advocate

88 Minutes

Carlito’s Way — Love the scene where he kicks the door in!

Author Author

Are there any other Al Pacino fans out there? What’s your favorite Pacino Movie? Hint hint for mine…I’m saving The Godfather, Godfather II and Godfather III for the end!  I can’t wait

Inside an actor’s mind

I just watched Al Pacino in Looking For Richard for the first time. Can I just say brilliant. Any actor, every actor should see this. My acting coach often mentioned seeing this film and I never got around to it, until now.

O.k so if you’re not an actor you may find this a wee bit boring, but hear me out. This has completely changed how I approach my work. First of all Al spent three years making this film about working on the character Richard III. He had already done the play before and had decided he wanted to do a film version. So in typical Pacino form he begins researching his character (that he has played before) for umm three years! WHAT who does that, Al.

File:Looking for richard.jpg

But if you believe in the saying how you do one thing is how you do everything, then I’m sure you’ll find some use for this. How many people are that passionate about their life’s work, that they would spend three years on just research alone.  Not making any money whatsoever, in fact losing money.

This is why I love being an artist. You know I’ve never met an IRS agent who got excited about the new tax laws coming out, ooh! Nope never heard that. By the way if you are an accountant or IRS agent and are that passionate about taxes please let me know 😉

So that’s just one aspect. Then you get to look behind the scenes of some of the most brilliant actors, Kevin Spacey, Alec Baldwin, Aidan Quinn, Estelle Parsons. What a treat, really.  As an actor how tasty is that! We see how they work, how they think. We see them clash and fight for their opinions, its just a brilliant piece of art. What a treat from Mr. Pacino.

If you’ve ever been curious about acting as an art form, or if as a lay person you’ve ever seen a film in the theater and went, I can’t believe that performance how did they do that. Then you should treat yourself to this film.

There is so much more I can say, but I’ll just stop at go rent Looking For Richard!


All you need is Love

So this is  my very first blog, my very first post and I think its only fitting that it be about my very first cirque du soleil experience. Talk about perfection. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. As artists we are walking orbs of sensitivity easily absorbing out of the atmosphere that which other non artists don’t even notice. 

I have so much respect for these performers. Let us not even address the normal expectation of an acrobat. Yes we expect them to flip, we expect them to twirl, we expect them to defy gravity. But what surprised me, no what took the very breath out of my lungs was the sheer artistry of each movement. The characters that were created from the inside out. They told the story and I got it. Those songs now have a new meaning for me. I have gorgeous visuals every time I hear Something, or Lucy in The Sky, or Help! I am so grateful to the people that created this idea and made it a reality. What a gift they’ve given.

ImageYes the name of the show is Love, but what I did not expect was the love that was in every inch of this show. For me the “Love” was in the moment just before a major stunt was going to be performed. The moment when one cast member was lacing the harness around the other cast members ankle and making sure they were safe and alright and the gentle tap the gave as they let their partner going. Knowing that they had done very thing they could to ensure that persons safety. The support for each other, how loving, how beautiful.

When you think of The Beatles we don’t realize that, they came on the scene in 1960, that’s over 50 years ago.  Yet in 2013 they are still selling out seats. They’re not even playing at the show, yet the seats are sold out because of the impact of their music, because of they dared to follow their dream. That is the power of art.

That is how I know that I’ve chosen the right career. As an artist I can play a roll that can be relevant 50 years later. I can inspire the world even after I’m gone. That is my purpose. What can I leave the world through my art?  How can my art make an impact?