Things that make you go hmmm #6


It has been one of those emotional weeks. I don’t know if its the mercury retrograde effect. But I have been an emotional mess!  Luckily we start production on a new show  Wild Songs & Naked Souls opening on March 1st. I’m excited to be in rehearsals and can’t wait to see how this project evolves. For now here are some things that made me smile.

  1. I love this pieces on where TV characters live and if they really can afford it. Olivia Pope Can!
  2. This has to be the tiniest, well styled house I’ve ever seen.
  3. Yet another reason to love dogs.
  4. I love Martin Scorsese and I love New York. Gotta love this visual letter.
  5. What really makes up a credit report anyway. Now I know

As always have a fab weekend ea065-lips-clip-art-16

{Image Credit The Everygirl}


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