Things that make you go hmmm #4

Hello Loves,

What a whirlwind week, month to be exact.  I rather enjoyed January, it spent a lot of time re organizing and plotting the course of my year. But we know that saying, man plans and God laughs.  So even though I’d been planing I’ve been a lot more lax and free with allowing the unknown to take over at times.   I’ve been a bit busy but not too busy to be inspired around the web. Here’s a few lovely links for you to enjoy.

  1. Yesterday I got the first bloom of ranunculus out of my garden. So these indoor gardens were on point to me.
  2. Ah this beautiful act of love made me hopeful once again.
  3. If you were looking for a classy way to insult someone, try these!
  4. Remember the iconic wrap dress. What a way to pay homage. I’ll be seeing this at LACAM
  5. I love, love, love popcorn. But a billion dollar one?

Have a fab weekendea065-lips-clip-art-16


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