The Murder Project


Last summer I got to spend time promoting a project I worked on. I had such a great time shooting this web series. I got to work with actors I had known which made it less intimidating for me. I have a special place in my heart for this little web series because it’s how I got my SAG card which is a big deal. It’s the first step in becoming a legitimate actor, joining the union, and it can sometimes be difficult to accomplish.

The series is about a group of friends coming together to celebrate the marriage of Brain and Vanessa (me).  However, an unwelcome guest arrives, my best-friend Nicolette and she ends up dead. Who did it? Why? What do we do with the body? One thing I know for sure everyone has a motive to kill her!  I enjoyed this character so much. Vanessa a determined soon to be bride who will let nothing get in the way of her future….nothing! She is devious, manipulative, but it really stems from her need of security. She’s had to work her way out of an impoverished past and she’s finally found a secure way out. So she has to do what she has to do, at least that’s the back story I created to give her a heart 🙂

#MurderProject-Still-05 #MurderProject-Still-04

So I wanted to share some stills from our shoot and also the link to our site.You can watch the videos here and I recommend doing the #MurderProject – Lean Back Experience (We Pick) . This allows you to see it as the director intended. I would love to hear from you. What episode did you like. I’m so excited about ending 2013 promoting this project and having my U.S visa renewed.

It makes me especially excited to see what I create for my career in 2014.



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