Things that make you go hmmm #1

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….for actors. It’s Award’s Season. Yes this is when all the great films come out and everybody’s talking film, actors are making rounds speaking at film screenings. I saw August: Osage County last evening and Meryl Streep and Margo Martindale stopped by to discuss the film. It was great. That’s why this is my most favorite time of the year!

  1. The AFI list is something I always pay attention to.
  2. This is one of my favorite parts of award season. The Hollywood Report round tables. Here’s the men.
  3. Here’s the women
  4. The SAG Awards. Here’s where my vote counts. I have a lot of catching up to do. There’s still a lot I haven’t seen and time is running out!
  5. The Golden Globe nominations. I usually trust the Hollywood Foreign Press. So I’m excited to see what happens. I’ll like to post my choices and compare it to what actually occurred. I may actually post this!

Have a fab weekend!ea065-lips-clip-art-16


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