Rehearsals, Props, Fun Times

I was recently working on a scene in which my scene partner made a choice to smoke. He used really cigarettes. Now for me second hand smoke is  a big no no. I hate smoke. I hate when people smoke around me. I just hate it. I don’t judge those that do smoke, I just don’t want to have to inhale it.

For two reasons really. 1. I’m allergic. 2. It gets up in my sinus. Now here is the funny part. The scene we were working in is called 27 Wagons Full of Cotton By Tennessee Williams. Wait the best part is one of my lines in the script written by Mr. Williams is “Well smoke got in my eyes and nose and throat  it hurt my sinus. I was in such a won out nervous condition it made me cry” Truer words had never been said.

I started a coughing fit in the scene and after the performance my scene partner mentioned to me he thought I was acting, with the coughing etc. Nope I was choking to death literally!

I don’t want to stifle anyone’s creative juices and their acting choices but he wasn’t picking up my hint in rehearsal when I said I’m allergic to the smoke. It hurts my sinus. Granted those are words in the actually script so he’s probably thinking I’m doing method or something. But I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Between the smoke and the allergies I was sick, really, really throwing up sick for 4 days.  How can I ask him to not smoke. Well I can’t I guess.

So I did some research and found out what the pro’s use on set. They can’t actually be smoking on set. The New York Post had this great article.  Apparently for pot smoking on screen they use Oregano, who knew.

I think I’ll this article to my scene partner. Maybe then he’ll get the hint!


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