Eureka! A New Ritual

A few weeks ago I began a ritual of having breakfast in bed with a movie. In my last post, I was supposedly learning to nurture myself, however, I was failing.  So in my quest to pamper I tried sleeping in. You see I’m a bit of an early riser. I have problems sleeping in. Late for me is 7:45am. That is about as late as I can “stay in bed”. That was until two weekends ago I had a terrible allergy attack and my body was feeling quite drained and tired. As days went by I really couldn’t get out of bed, it was a struggle. So I decided to take the weekend to recuperate.

I made breakfast for myself along with a giant pot of my favorite tea. I fixed myself a breakfast tray and had breakfast in bed as I watched one of my favorite movies, How to Marry a Millionaire. What can I say I love Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall. Billy Wilder is is my favorite director. The clothes were beautiful it was light and funny, the perfect breakfast in bed movie and just what I needed. I enjoyed it so much that I did the same thing again Sunday morning. Only I couldn’t find another feel good movie so I watched Millionaire again!

I had searched for another movie I really love, Bell Book and Candle with Kim Novak, but it wasn’t streaming and I didn’t own the DVD.  Well you bet I went ahead and ordered that DVD. I have every intention of watching it this Saturday morning. Now I just have to find my Sunday morning movie.  I’m usually very dark and dramatic but I want to keep things on the lighter side. Trust me if you haven’t tried this breakfast/movie in bed thing, then you simply must!

What are your go to feel good movies?


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