The Spaces Between What We Desire

What is the space between desire and having called. The space between realizing what I want, doing things to get what I want, and then having, living, enjoying, being that which was wanted.

I don’t know what that’s called and I’ve been trying to find words to describe what it feels like.  Sometimes its like butterflies in my stomach, other times its like a gnawing vibration almost like a buzz you feel instead of hear.

What would be the word, yearning I guess. I’m yearning.

There are days I like the feeling, it reminds me I’m alive, other days I don’t it reminds that I don’t have something I really want.

I’m learning to live with the later. Enjoying all that I do have, which is a lot.

I’ve learned to dive into yearning, swim in it, simmer in it. And eventually I unite with what I want.

Sometimes it happens quickly, other times it takes years.

I’m not that concerned with the amount time, I was before. Now I’m enjoying the ride, the creative process.

I yearn



Image Credit: Jonas Ranum Brandt


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