How do you feel about at this time of year?


It’s a new month. It’s a new beginning. I love beginnings because they hold so much promise. You get a chance to start over. To press reset. So the beginning of every month has always been special to me. October is a little different. It’s that month where you realize, holy crap the year is over!

In the past I’ve been frightened by this, depressed about this. But this year it’s different. I am excited by this. Yesterday I pulled out my 18 month goal list. I do 18 months because a year is too short and two years is too long so this time period works for me. It works for Sheryl Sandberg too, she does it as well. So I went through my goals and looked at what I had accomplished, what I hadn’t yet accomplished. What needs to be deleted from the list, what needs to be added to the list.

As I was doing this I began to realize I was actually getting stuff done. I wanted my number of auditions to increase, and it has. I wanted to connect with certain casting directors and I did. I wanted to save a specific amount of money and I’m on schedule. So I’m making things happen.  When I woke up this morning and it was October I was excited because I thought wow I’m really getting so much accomplished lets see how much more I can do before the years end. So I added some “impossible” things to the list. I thought why not.

Now I haven’t finished or completed a lot of them. I want to book more jobs, audition for bigger jobs, etc.  But the change has started. Because I’ve been really zoning into my desires. I’m in an upward swing. My mood has been better. I have been better, happier.

So October is my new favorite month, next to December my birthday month. Why because its a chance to really make that list we made in January count. So we may have fallen off the wagon on some of our goals, but lets look at October as our reset button. It’s like our fresh start.  I have a great method of getting goals done. It took my a while to figure out what will work for me. If you want me to go into that let me know and I write a post on my method.

So tell me how do you feel about this time of the year?

Image Credit: Mary Kate McDevitt


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