My Personal Al Pacino Fest


I am having an affair with Al Pacino. There I’ve said it, I’ve never been one to be wanton and cheap but I’ve been spending my Friday nights with Al. sometime two three movies a night. I know its wrong, I know I shouldn’t but i just can’t help myself…..

Actually we have a movie list in my acting class and I’ve completed the first movie list it took my about 2 years and now I’m on the second movie list. One of the items on said is list is all the Al Pacino movies. That’s right ALL. So I figure I’d tackle all the Al’s first as this is a list in itself. I was supposed to only watch one Al movie a week, but then it become four, I don’t know how that happened???

I find myself not wanting to go out, and trying to end my rehearsals early so that I can make a quick stop to the library and pick up an Al film. I even lied to one of my scene partners and told them I had an audition the next day so I have to cancel rehearsal. But I didn’t, I just wanted to watch Carlito’s Way!

I know  this is bad. I have to cut back.  But here’s what I’ve seen so far.

Looking For Richard

Any Given Sunday

Dick Tracy


The Devil’s Advocate

88 Minutes

Carlito’s Way — Love the scene where he kicks the door in!

Author Author

Are there any other Al Pacino fans out there? What’s your favorite Pacino Movie? Hint hint for mine…I’m saving The Godfather, Godfather II and Godfather III for the end!  I can’t wait


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