Power of Thank you

Happy Monday!

I wanted to start the week with some gratitude.

One of the main things we’re taught in my acting class is the power of thank you notes.   It’s seems like a no brainier but you’d be surprised how many people don’t send thank you notes.  

Well I had met this one particular casting director when I first moved to Los Angeles. She told me to keep in touch and I did. Through out the years I would send her holiday cards, update her on what I was doing, and congratulate her on any of her work I saw.  It finally paid off.

I saw her post this on Actors Access and I submitted myself. Over the years she had never called me in but this time she did.  I was so excited because it was for a studio film, with a director I really liked (female director) and staring some one I really liked. This may seem like nothing, but I don’t have a theatrical agent which means I got in on a studio film audition on my own.  Which is nuts.

However, another example of thank you working for me. Last year I had an audition for my first feature film.  I went in; had three callbacks the last being with the director (female again); and I felt it went o.k.  I didn’t get the part (actually the role was cut). But I  made a great connection with that casting director. I sent my thank you note as usual and I’ve kept in contact with her since. It’s been about a year and I just got an email from her thanking me for all my notes.

So now because of thank you, because I listened to my acting teacher’s advice. I now have two strong casting directors knowing who I am.  One of my vision board goals this year was to become known by 5 major casting directors so I’ve got three to go!





Image credit: coldwellbankerprime.com


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