Compete under pressure – Do you have the killer instinct?

Has this ever happened to you at an audition. You’re waiting in the room. They start bringing people in. Its dead silence, you’re hearing nothing. Then the person before you goes in.  You’re psyching yourself up, getting into present time. Giving yourself the old you can do it just be confident speech. Then you hear it.  The room roars with laughter. That person comes out and you hear, “you’re the highlight of our day” blah, blah, blah that was great.

Then it’s your turn. Can you say pressure. Now its on you to keep this momentum going. That other actor just did a great job oh why do I have to follow that.  I hate these scenarios yet they keep happening to me. Gosh I guess the universes is trying to teach me that lesson. And you know what no matter how hard i try I still have it in the back of my mind how much they love the other person.  I’ve got to stay focus.

2013-08-12 22.22.12

I must say I didn’t flinch on my choice.  I stuck with the choice I made, It didn’t stink but I did not get the response I wanted.  Auditioning is such a sensitive thing. I know the best thing to do is go in prepared with your choice, they may not like your choice but at least you’ve made one. So now I don’t know if I didn’t get  a call back because the just weren’t feeling my choice or maybe i was influenced by the person who went before me.  I mean I had good volume and I did it as I rehearsed it, I guess I’ll never know. That’s the part of the process I hate but it’s what we signed up for as actors isn’t it. Oh gosh now I sound like one of those actors, I vowed I never would. Well I have a blog about acting so i guess I’m way past that threshold.

Is this how athletes feel. It makes me think about Ryan Lochte racing Michael Phelps everybody thought Michael was going to win and then Lochte beats him. So maybe I just answered my own conundrum. YES!!! That’s it. I love it when I answer my own question.

Do your work, train your butt off and then swim in your own lane and compete hard! From now on I’m going to take a picture of Ryan Lochte to my auditions as my reminder. I let you know how that goes.


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