Commitment Phobe…?

Are you a commitment phobe? Well I know I am. It took me so long to commit to the idea of writing a blog. First of all I’m deeply private (I have a moon in Scorpio and cancer rising), therefore everything is precious and private…well you know those annoying, deeply sensitive types. Yup that’s me which I hate admitting because it undermines my tough girl exterior shell.  Well back to the point, so I’ve resisted writing a blog because aghast everyone will know my thoughts!!! Oh what shall I do.

Really I’ve come to see that this is utter self absorption (typically found in actors by the way). I mean really who has time to sit and ponder, inspect, dissect my life and what I do with it?

However, as I further investigated the mélange of my insane thoughts I remembered a quote I heard in my acting class via Tony Robbins I believe. “How you do one thing is how you do everything”.  And you know what, this is very true. I found that before I start anything I think about it for about 2-4 weeks, then I commit to the idea. Then I start…begrudgingly.  BUT after I’ve started I continue on and it becomes a part of my life and it usually leads to some really great changes in my life.

The missing factor in this entire blogging venture was my commitment. I just would not commit. Even after I started writing posts. I think I realized how much work it would be to produce this blog the way I’d like to and that kind of scared me, I’ll admit it.  Yes running a really good quality blog will take a lot of work!

However, one of my good qualities that I do admire in myself, is that I do take everything seriously. So writing this blog, regardless of how many people read it would be taken quite seriously.  I wasn’t sure that I could,or wanted to rather, commit the time and energy it would take to create a successful blog.

But after some more thought (I know I’m just a thinker!) I realized how inspired I am by other bloggers. I realized how much I’d like to communicate my thoughts and experiences to the world and perhaps be of vehicle of information and inspiration.  So here goes I am officially committing to the blogging community and to writing this blog.


7 thoughts on “Commitment Phobe…?

  1. I’d think with Scorpio moon you would be in danger of stinging yourself, but then as a Cancer rising you are good at moving sideways so you’ll likely miss, lol!

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