Commitment Phobe…?

Are you a commitment phobe? Well I know I am. It took me so long to commit to the idea of writing a blog. First of all I’m deeply private (I have a moon in Scorpio and cancer rising), therefore everything is precious and private…well you know those annoying, deeply sensitive types. Yup that’s me which I hate admitting because it undermines my tough girl exterior shell.  Well back to the point, so I’ve resisted writing a blog because aghast everyone will know my thoughts!!! Oh what shall I do.

Really I’ve come to see that this is utter self absorption (typically found in actors by the way). I mean really who has time to sit and ponder, inspect, dissect my life and what I do with it?

However, as I further investigated the mélange of my insane thoughts I remembered a quote I heard in my acting class via Tony Robbins I believe. “How you do one thing is how you do everything”.  And you know what, this is very true. I found that before I start anything I think about it for about 2-4 weeks, then I commit to the idea. Then I start…begrudgingly.  BUT after I’ve started I continue on and it becomes a part of my life and it usually leads to some really great changes in my life.

The missing factor in this entire blogging venture was my commitment. I just would not commit. Even after I started writing posts. I think I realized how much work it would be to produce this blog the way I’d like to and that kind of scared me, I’ll admit it.  Yes running a really good quality blog will take a lot of work!

However, one of my good qualities that I do admire in myself, is that I do take everything seriously. So writing this blog, regardless of how many people read it would be taken quite seriously.  I wasn’t sure that I could,or wanted to rather, commit the time and energy it would take to create a successful blog.

But after some more thought (I know I’m just a thinker!) I realized how inspired I am by other bloggers. I realized how much I’d like to communicate my thoughts and experiences to the world and perhaps be of vehicle of information and inspiration.  So here goes I am officially committing to the blogging community and to writing this blog.


8 thoughts on “Commitment Phobe…?

  1. Hi there! I enjoyed reading your blog. I can relate on so many levels. From someone who has started several blogs in the past and didn’t foliow through, a fellow secretive Scorpian myself, and an aspiring actress – I think you should stick to it and blog away! Feel free to follow my journey as well,

  2. I’d think with Scorpio moon you would be in danger of stinging yourself, but then as a Cancer rising you are good at moving sideways so you’ll likely miss, lol!

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