I love a good audition

Today has been a good day I must say. I’ve had a bit of a dry spell. I mean dry, I was getting nothing in terms of auditions. Every actor knows what that feels like. But nevertheless I kept sending out my pictures and resume, sending out postcards and getting to my acting class.  So it felt good to be back out in the field.

I left early enough so I didn’t hit any L.A. traffic, and I found easy parking. I got there so early in fact they were still setting up the room! But I wasn’t alone there were two other actress there. I usually try not to socialize at auditions, well because you know there’s always a negative Nancy, or the over competitive one who just has sooo many auditions to go to and she really needs to tell you about all of them!!!  No none of those types just three cool actress sitting and waiting for our audition. That’s rare.  So we chatted while we waited (it was for commercial so no heavy concentration needed!). I’ve been wanting to connect with more actors and saw this as good opportunity. I have been described as “icy” so I was really coming out my comfort zone for this!

When it was my turn to go into the room. I met a casting director who was so cool. No attitude, no annoyance, just a really chill guy in a really great mood. He gave me some direction I took it, we laughed. It was just an overall great experience. The space was clean, it wasn’t crowded, the staff was pleasant. I have to say 5th and Sunset Studios is one of the better places I’ve auditioned. Five stars for them.


4 thoughts on “I love a good audition

  1. Thanks for wanting to follow my blog. So you are an actor. That is really exciting. To try my hand at acting is on my bucket list. Learning to sing too is one of them and I have started that. Five lessons already and I have discovered I am a natural soprano and am now studying my first Italian Aria. The Building where I do my singing lessons is a hub of activity for actors and dance troupes rehearsing so it is very exciting and there is a great buzz. Acting next I think, just to try it out. Lucky you. Good luck with all your auditions.


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