All you need is Love

So this is  my very first blog, my very first post and I think its only fitting that it be about my very first cirque du soleil experience. Talk about perfection. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. As artists we are walking orbs of sensitivity easily absorbing out of the atmosphere that which other non artists don’t even notice. 

I have so much respect for these performers. Let us not even address the normal expectation of an acrobat. Yes we expect them to flip, we expect them to twirl, we expect them to defy gravity. But what surprised me, no what took the very breath out of my lungs was the sheer artistry of each movement. The characters that were created from the inside out. They told the story and I got it. Those songs now have a new meaning for me. I have gorgeous visuals every time I hear Something, or Lucy in The Sky, or Help! I am so grateful to the people that created this idea and made it a reality. What a gift they’ve given.

ImageYes the name of the show is Love, but what I did not expect was the love that was in every inch of this show. For me the “Love” was in the moment just before a major stunt was going to be performed. The moment when one cast member was lacing the harness around the other cast members ankle and making sure they were safe and alright and the gentle tap the gave as they let their partner going. Knowing that they had done very thing they could to ensure that persons safety. The support for each other, how loving, how beautiful.

When you think of The Beatles we don’t realize that, they came on the scene in 1960, that’s over 50 years ago.  Yet in 2013 they are still selling out seats. They’re not even playing at the show, yet the seats are sold out because of the impact of their music, because of they dared to follow their dream. That is the power of art.

That is how I know that I’ve chosen the right career. As an artist I can play a roll that can be relevant 50 years later. I can inspire the world even after I’m gone. That is my purpose. What can I leave the world through my art?  How can my art make an impact? 


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