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Here is another addition of Etsy Love! I found some great products on Etsy and I just have to shout them out

  1. I need more lighting in my place. I don’t know why rental apartments in L.A choose the worst lighting possible. Thank God for Boots N Gus. Since I’m moving in November I be purchasing one of their chandeliers. I just love the use of the mason jars.
  2. I adore these custom map wine stoppers from TheBluePrint. Wouldn’t it be cool for a dinner party to use the stopper of the region the wine is from. So cute!
  3. I love finding ways to add more glam to my home and these chalkboard frames from TheArtOfFinerThings are an amazing idea.  It’s hard to choose but I think I’m getting this one.
  4. I love popcorn so this gourmet popcorn kit by dellcovespices has me dying. Check out their other spices as well.
  5. The jewelry line Pink Twig is wonderful. Simple cool, chic. My fav is this shark tooth necklace. PicMonkey Collage


Love & Light,


Fall Reading — The Joy of Storytelling, Let it Sooth Your Soul


My reading schedule has picked up a bit. But I find myself being drawn to darker stories. Historic stories. Stories of meaning and purpose. Stories that have a gravity a pull of some sort. Earlier this year I thought I’d take on the Yale literature program and do their required reading schedule just for fun. It seemed like such a fantastical kind of dream but one that has remained unfulfilled with my acting career, work schedule and acting class needs. For me time became evermore elusive. But I must say I have read more than I thought I would. My goal outside of the Yale project was to read 30 books. So far I’ve read 25 books of the 30, not bad. Here is my fall reading list. I just love fall. I have a feeling it’s going to be dark:

* Carthage — Joyce Carol Oats
* Natchez Burning – Greg Iles
* The Invention of Wings – Sue Monk Kidd
* The Call of The Wild – Jack London
* White Fang – Jack London
* Of Human Bondage – W. Somerset Maugham
* The Goldfinch – Donna Tart
* One Hundred Years of Solitude – Gabriel García Márquez

It was very hard for me to compile this list and I am a bit ambitious since Fall starts on September 22 and ends December 20th. That is 8 books in 13 weeks while rehearsing and opening in a play, auditioning, acting class, and day job. I think I can I do it. We shall see. Do you have any suggestions for my wild card?


{Image Credit: Smithsonian Institute}

Movies I can’t wait to see!

There are some really great movies coming out. We are heading into fall where those dramatic contenders come out. I love movie trailers and I usually go and see a film based on the trailer and not so much the actor’s starring in the film. There are quite a few good ones out right now. So here are the one’s I’ve put on my must watch list.

Riot Club — I love class stories, the look at the haves and have nots never gets old.

The Theory of Everything — Looks so romantic!

Samba — Another romantic one

Rose Water — Intense


Some Link-spiration #12


I wanna be where you are oh oh. Anywhere you are oh oooh! Cue the Michael Jackson. That song has been playing in my mind all day! It’s a feel good song and it’s a feel good day so I thought I’d share some linkspiration from across the web.

  1. How to make better use of those credit cards. Hello reward points.
  2. I love crab and I would love to try this recipe from chef Marcus Samuelson.
  3. Never before seen pics of Marilyn Monroe…but I’m sure I’ve seen them before!
  4. Oh how the world has changed. New services we can’t live without!
  5. Tyra Banks on the future of beauty. What do you think?
Life is either a great adventure or nothing. Helen Keller

Till next time Love & Light ea065-lips-clip-art-16

Some Link-spiration #11


Here’s a little link love for you this week.

  1. It’s a great time to start a side gig. Who doesn’t want extra income. Check these out.
  2. When you make that extra moola you might want to reconsider who you hang out with. Friends with no money!
  3. I love all things Vanilla. But where does it come from? Here’s a break down of the best.
  4. The perfect biscuits to go with my tea.
  5. This is the Martin Luther King movie I want to see.  And I really want to work with this direct.

A Glimpse At My Summer

tumblr_lxk1ixwYYo1r9iv4so1_500This has been one of my better summers. Let me first begin by saying I love rituals. I love me a good old ritual, so this Summer I started a new ritual….A Summer Intention List. Well it was a good idea at the start of summer but not much of it actually survived.   So that ritual probably won’t make it next year.  But on to what I really enjoyed this summer:

 The movies 22 Jump Street, Lucy, Dawn of The Planet of the Apes

The return of the TV show Suits

Auditioning for The New Girl — Yeah!

Meeting 3 new Casting directors

Working on the play Women of Manhattan

Going to Daily Love Live!

Re-reading A Return To Love

Reading the book E-Squared and doing the worksheets. So much fun!

Started working with a manager, lets see how this goes

Performing in a staged reading of Joyce Carole Oats’ I Stand Before You Naked

Getting back into my morning run regime

What made your summer this year. I’d love to know

At The Movies – Lucy

lucySo I went and saw Lucy. I have to admit I already knew I was going to see the film. It’s just up my alley. Unfortunately I almost didn’t go and see it because most people I spoke to didn’t like it and because of this article. Thank God I am a woman of my own mind!  Well I’m glad I didn’t listen to any of them. To quote the playwright Christopher Durang’s play Beyond Therapy “you missed the metaphor”.   This is an esoteric film guised as an action film, so if you’re not open-minded our interested in quantum physics, etc you may feel disappointed. I happen to looooove all those things so this was perfect for me. The metaphor was not lost on me. I wished they had even pushed themselves beyond what they created. It reminded me of the Matrix which i wanted to go and watch as soon as the movie ended. Which by the way, I didn’t want the movie to end. The movie ended and I just sat there so sad because I wanted more, I wanted them to go further. Speaking of the ending I fully agree with it. I think it’s completely true and was a really good visual representation of what we humans are  in relation to the universe as a whole and what our part is in it.  I would love to hear what you guys thought of it. Or if maybe you haven’t seen or have been on the fence, go see it, but do so with an open mind.